Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'll take some "Dirty Bird" please

Greetings All,
I intended to have a light snack last evening and get a jump on the cutback       (I won't say diet...I refuse to say diet...o.k., I could stand to shed a couple of lbs.).  Anyway, I ended up eating a full coarse meal!  I had a huge serving of "Dirty Bird," and so did every New Orleans Saints fan. 

On a serious note, I will admit, I was not one to adorn the game of football.  I am the female who the commercials mock.  You know the commercials that depict the female in front of the television when you (men) are looking for realization in front of the tube with a good game.  GUILTY!  However, I recently learned to respect the game.  To be exact, after New Orleans and the Atlanta Falcons met, for the first time after Hurricane Katrina, it was more than just a game.  It was a sign that we (New Orleans residents far and near) were resilient and we were down but not out...We had lost many prize possessions, but we had good spirit.  We all cheered (both Saints and Falcons) fans. 

The other day I asked a question, “What good do we have here as opposed to all of the juvenile crime that has spiraled out of control in the city of New Orleans?”  I did not get a response.  However I have a find!  As crazy as it may seem, we have Saints amongst us.  We are so proud of our football team!  Our Super bowl Championship team!  I am truly a visionary who understands that “the glass is half full.”  I would love to see the fans, the citizens, and the entire New Orleans suit up and take a stance against juvenile delinquency.  We need a clear plan in our playbook, huddle up and listen to the quarterback, and prepare for the stance against kids killing kids and growing up in jail.

On a better note…to be honest, I believe that both cities (Atlanta and New Orleans) look forward to the game.  It's like our local super bowl game.  With that said… well Atlanta...we (New Orleans Saints) hold the title and we look forward to the challenge next year.  Fans...please drive home safely.


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