Monday, December 27, 2010

"God Bless the Child that's got its Own"

I got an early start this morning as I left for work earlier than usual.  As I sat in my car waiting for the heat to kick in, I thought about my daughter (21 year old), who by the way is mad with me for fussing at her for having my grand kids out after midnight on last Sunday (it was freezing).  It is bothering me that she is mad with me, but I feel I did what I had to do.  As I sarcastically "laughed it off," I pulled out of the driveway and said, “This too shall pass.” 
I traveled my usual route to work listening to the radio anticipating what the day had in store for me.  As I prepared to exit the interstate I began to slow down.  I was quite aware that there have been an occasion or two when I exited I have witnessed the police issuing tickets to drivers who do not abide by speed limits (lol).  However, this time I did not see police.  I saw a girl walking along the interstate with one baby in tow and two young children walking in front of her.  It was not only early in the morning, but it was cold as ice (we are under a freeze warning).  I started to slow down more.   I could not just pass her by.   I “needed” to know if she needed assistance.  She was walking on the shoulder of the interstate with three babies.  As I rolled down the window to show my concern I looked at the child that she was holding.   I promise it was my granddaughter!    She looked so much like her.   I was about to ask why she had my granddaughter, but instead I said “where are you going…do you need help.”    She looked at me and responded, “I’m going to the Section 8 office on Touro Street.”  She did not hesitate nor did she respond as if she were looking for pity.   She spoke to me, and to translate what I saw and heard…"I’m going to do what I have to do…I have had it with my present situation.”    
Now I saw an eighteen wheeler approaching from behind and for fear of causing an accident I told her that I would be waiting for them around the bend.  She only had a few more steps and I was not willing to put the children in any additional danger.  As I exited, as promised I was waiting for her but I saw another lady coming towards my car looking as if she was about to go up the interstate.  Now I was confused because I thought I was missing something.  I was curious as to why these ladies were walking up and down the interstate.  I said to her, “where are you going.”  I was all up in every bodies business this morning.    I never noticed that she was the driver of the car that was pulled over in front of me.  She responded, “Did you see that girl with those babies?  I’m going to see if she needs a ride.”  I said “That’s who I am waiting for too.”  She then said, that’s alright, I got her.”  I didn’t argue.  I was just moved by the response. 
See she took responsibility, and for whatever the reason, she said, “I am going to the Section 8 office to day on this day I have had enough.”    She started the journey and I don’t know how far she had walked, but God sent her not one ride, but two.  I allowed the lady to continue with her mission and I bid them well and continued on my way.  I figured that it didn’t matter which one of us gave her the ride, as long as she got one.
I thought about the baby again and I realized that I never looked at the other children.  I only noticed the baby that was in her hands.  The baby that had a striking resemblance to my granddaughter.  I wondered what the message was.  Am I too hard on my daughter?  Should I let up and not push her to be responsible and demand that she is responsible for her kids.  As I drove about another mile or so I came up with the conclusion that I refuse to believe that her strength (the girl walking the interstate), should be relayed as a sign of weakness.  That’s the determination that I want my daughter to tap into.  As the saying goes, if I give her a fish she will eat for a day.  If I teach her to fish, she will never go hungry.  Sure I hurt when I have to put my foot down with my daughter (kids).  However, if I don’t, she will still be mad in the end anyway.  She will also be mad with herself.

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