Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Day

Well it is almost that time of year again...Valentines Day.  This is the day when lovers profess their love for one another and they go out and do everything in their power to create the scene that will cause their partner to fall deeper in love.  Others have decided that this will be the introduction to the future as they plan to woe a secret attraction into a happily ever after.  They send secret notes filled with clues and hints hoping that someone else does not get the credit for their creativity.  Yes, we as consumers make Hallmark and the candy companies very happy as we spend limitless cash during this time of year.

Well as I watched television last night, and of coarse television land is doing their part to promote the holiday by offering creative ways to confront your love, and finally, to offer support to the lonely heart reminding he or she that it is only a day.  (Fight back...send yourself a valentines that's how you do it.)  Anyway I promise, I never thought to look up the origin of the world wide celebration until I heard an unknown television actress give a speedy account of the history of the holiday.  As many other celebratory days that we remember, we are celebrating the extinction of a real person.  Good vs Evil...

Valentines Day came about because a mater refused to abide by the rules and regulations of the Romans who denounced marriage because it was weakening the soldiers and making them not want to go to war. (whipped). Valentine was a laborer of love who put his life on the line to help two become one and tie the knot.  Well then the leaders, government, found out, they called him in, and they liked his swag.  They  they gave him a choice...yeah you guessed it...kiss the ring, bow to my master, join us or die!!!  Well Valentine was from the nine and he didn't mind dy'in so he said "do u bou" cause love is strong and it is worth dying for xoxoxo...peace.  Well they did just that...they killed him.  You know they were disrespected and mad because they over killed him.  They beat him down and then they cut off his head.  All in the name of love. 

For years the Good vs Evil saga continued and the leaders tested the waters as they openly pimped lil' Roman girls.  Finally, a leader was in office who was able to restore the good name of Valentine...usurp the evil paracices of past Deity, ( a new word I discovered today meaning god and goddess) a.k.a leaders, poloticians... and it was all in the name of love....
So they openly stepped at the festival that took place in February and it got better with time.

By the way...I was really surprised to find that the first card was written by a poet named Charles from Orleans...

So...what does that mean? 

To the cheaters who need to have more than one lover...get it are a Roman who is disrespecting the memory of a man who died for the cause.  If you want to be single get in the single game. Stop ridding the fense...AIDS is real. 

For the shy person who is unsure if the time is are not promised tell them already. 

For the lovers who forgot what made you fall in love with your mate in the first is a true fact you will miss them when they are gone...and you will be subjected to learning the good the bad and the ugly of some other person while comparing your newer model to your past mate.

He loves me X  He loves me not X