Thursday, March 24, 2011

As I Digress

Bible teachings tell the story
that history repeats itself
early struggles
we’re at war
fighting to the death

Leaders fumble
 personal agendas
 human interest out of mind
taxes soaring
pensions blowing
 401K funds decline

Democrats vs. Republicans
no agreement on the vote
African American President
popularity on the low
Cancer calling
dietary scares
what’s the issue with the FDA
who is looking out for our interest
toys/food recalls every day

Machines have taken over jobs
mass production in demand
quantity has precedence over quality
make the deadline
the money’s spent

Too afraid to live life
but must be brave if you want to live
should be better
with technology
but instead…
we’re frozen still

We’ve digressed…

Much needed prayers for the worldL


                            By: Jerrelda