Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our First Day of School

Family and friends, you may recognize this photograph.  I sent it to everyone in my address book yesterday, for it was Noelle's first day of school! 

We work up very early and we began our routine of stretching, taking care of our hygiene, dressing, breakfast, and off to school. In the words of Outcast, "Sooo fresh and so clean!" We were out the house for 7:15 and we had a bit of traffic, but we made it on time with a few moments to spare. 

The children lined up in the gym/auditorium and the parents, mostly the Pre-K parents were gathered with teachers and administrators.  Sharply at 8:00 a.m. the teachers began signaling for their classes to follow them, but the Pre-K parents were not moving.  The principal came over and gave out some hugs and said, "O.K. parents, you can go to work!"  We all laughed, but no one moved.  We stood there looking at the kids.  Then the camera phones came out.  Everyone took pictures and hesitated leaving their four-year-old babies. 

We walked with the kids to the class room, even though we had been dismissed, and we watched as the teacher and the Para Professional (teacher's aide), directed the kids to sit on the colorful carpet.  There was only one child crying.  I don't know what the other parents were thinking, but I was thinking, please don't be in my kids class.  She is going to compete for attention.  Keep in mind, I felt for the kid; I even said a prayer for him.  He was really having a tough time.  I said a prayer for myself too, because I was trying to be strong as well.  To my satisfaction, he was in the class next door.  I let out a quiet sigh of relief, "whew...!"

Again, we all started taking pictures.  "Oooooh look," was what most of the parents said as the kids followed instruction and got adjusted.  It was like a star studded event.  The children were all poised, posing and looking into the camera's.  Paparazzi everywhere!  Kids on display!  Then there was an odd moment of silence.  The teacher looked at the kids, then she looked at us, and said "bye!"  We were escorted out of the tiny classroom and reminded that pick-up time was at 3:30.  We all left like we had left something behind that we hoped that we didn't have to ( which in reality we did, our kids).  Even the typical young parent, who wanted nothing more than to go back home and go to bed, had a look of...I am really leaving him/her. 

The first day was hard, but I managed.  I, along with the other fourteen or so parents, were outside of the class at 2:15, highly anticipating out children's release from behind the door of the Pre-K classroom.  It was like a quote or a well rehearsed line..."So how was it!"

Please share your stories...